Crafting better work. 


Making work personal - an introduction to job crafting

As a society and in business, people embrace opportunities for the personalisation of products and services. We enjoy and value having our own personal style, beliefs and passions reflected in what we do and how we do it.

Job crafting allows us to bring a personal approach to work. Making work more meaningful, enjoyable and productive.

What is job crafting?

Job crafting encourages individuals to consider how they act, interact and think about their work and to redesign and personalise aspects of their job in ways that fosters engagement, job satisfaction, resilience and thriving.

How can you job craft?

There are 3 main ways that people tend to job craft:

•       task crafting - tangibly changing aspects of how we undertake our work including designing, adding or removing tasks

•       relational crafting - shaping how we relate and engage with others, including building and adapting our relationship with co-workers

•       cognitive / perception crafting  - reframing how we think about our work in general including the value and significance it brings to us personally and others.

In addition to these core approaches, organisations are exploring how job crafting can be used to help with growth, personal development and career progression.

How can you encourage job crafting?

A simple place to start is to reflect on when you may have job crafted previously (often without realising you have done this). Think about when you have made changes to how you act and interact at work, or actively made time to reflect on the purpose and value of what you do based on your own passions, interests and strengths. 

Sharing job crafting stories enables colleagues to learn from each other and gain inspiration. Setting proactive job crafting goals encourages people to explore and apply job crafting in their roles.

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Crafting better work

Tailored Thinking run a range of "Crafting better work" workshops specifically designed for people, managers and leaders.

These help people to understand, play with and encourage job crafting individually, in teams and across the organisation.

the workshop allowed us to find common themes between our roles and things that helped us to be more focussed, productive and happy at work
— Crafting better work - workshop participant
98% of “Crafting better work” workshop participants would recommend them to a colleague. 99% of participants felt able and confident to explore job crafting in their own roles
— Feedback collected from sessions
Rob was a great facilitator. Being engaging and highly interactive allowed us to get the most out of the session. There were some really interesting learnings :) Thank you
— Crafting better work - workshop participant

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Job Crafting guide

A free guide to encourage your own job crafting, and job crafting in your organisation.